Although most of the research in this department can be classified as basic research, many very active groups are also involved in a wide range of Applied Physics - research geared to direct applications in industry. Over the years, this effort within UBC's Department of Physics and Astronomy has spawned a number of spin-off companies such as Dynapro, MoLi Energy, Vortek, Quartz Imaging, Xillix, TIR Systems, Sonigistics, Techware systems, Corona Vacuum Coaters, and Brooks Automation.

Faculty Engaged in Applied Physics Research

Name Position Research
David Jones Associate Professor, Atomic, Molecular & Optical Physics Research Website
Research Field: Atomic, Optical and Molecular Physics
Topics Include: Femtosecond Frequency Combs, XUV Spectroscopy, Precision Spectroscopy
Andrzej Kotlicki Term Faculty Member, Applied Physics Research Website
Research Field: Applied Optics/Accoustics/Outreach
Sabrina Leslie Associate Professor, Biophysics The Leslie Lab (Michael Smith Laboratories)
Research Field: Single-molecule biophysics
Topics Include: DNA, RNA and protein interactions and dynamics
Therapeutic oligonucleotides
Nano-characterization and analytics
DNA super-structure
Polymers under confinement
Andre Marziali Professor, Biophysics Research Website
Research Field: Biophysics - Genomics Technologies
Thomas Mattison Associate Professor, Particle & Nuclear Physics Research Website
Research Field: Experimental Particle Physics, Subatomic Physics
Topics Include: CP violation, B decays, Accelerator Physics, Next Linear Collider
Chris Waltham Professor (50%), Applied Physics Research Website
Research Field: Musical Acoustics
Lorne Whitehead Professor, Applied Physics Research Website
Ke Zou Assistant Professor, Condensed Matter
Research Field: Molecular Beam Epitaxy Lab
Topics Include: Synthesis and design of quantum materials

Postdoctoral Fellows & Research Associates Engaged in Applied Physics Research

Name Position Research
Michele Mossman Research Associate, Applied Physics Research Website