Equity and Inclusion Contacts

If you would like to share concerns or issues related to equity, diversity, and inclusion - including disclosing past or current harassment - here are a few options. 


Within the Department:

Information disclosed to the following individuals is confidential. Though they do not serve as part of the official UBC reporting mechanism (except the department head), they can provide support to assist you identify appropriate UBC units to report your concerns and issues to.

Name Role Email Address Location Phone
Dr. Colin Gay Department Head,
member of Equity and Inclusion Committee
head@phas.ubc.ca Hennings 343 604-822-3150
Dr. Carl Michal Undergraduate Program Chair ug-chair@phas.ubc.ca Hennings 336 604-822-5712
Dr. Gary Hinshaw Graduate Program Chair grad_advisor@phas.ubc.ca Hennings 341 604-827-4063
Derek Gagnier Human Resources Manager hr@phas.ubc.ca Hennings 335 604-822-4210
Dr. Adele Rousi Science Education Specialist,
member of Equity and Inclusion Committee
adele.ruosi@ubc.ca Hennings 334 604-822-5527
Dr. James Charbonneau Assistant Professor of Teaching,
member of UBC Wellbeing Liaison Program
james@phas.ubc.ca Hennings 329 604-827-2378
Kirsty Dickson Interim Communications Coordinator,
member of Equity and Inclusion Committee
communications@phas.ubc.ca Hennings 327 604-822-0596

If you would like to learn more about equity and inclusion efforts within the department, or participate in department-run workshops and brown bag lunch sessions, visit the Equity and Inclusion in PHAS committee website.

UBC contacts and resources:

Supporting individuals in distress

UBC Equity and Inclusion Office

UBC Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Office 604-822-1588

UBC Discrimination and harassment

Bullying and Harassment Prevention at UBC

UBC Investigations Office

If you would like to receive personal support:


UBC Counselling Services 604-822-3811

24/7 support: Empower Me provides counselling and life coaching 1-844-741-6389

24/7 support: BC Crisis Centre


Counselling Services (Employee)

24/7 support: Morneau Shepell Care Access Centre

  • 1-800-387-4765

24/7 support: BC Crisis Centre