Important note to students taking 100 level PHYS courses in Term 1:

The course previously known as PHYS101 is now called PHYS131 and does not contain a lab component. For the enriched program, 107 is now 106 and as well has no lab component. Those who want to or need to take a lab, should consider PHYS119 which will be offered in both T1 and T2. Please bear with us if not all web-pages reflect this change, but the scheduling tools are up to date

Undergrad Degree Programs

Degree Programs

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Science Degree Programs (BSc)

Please note for students starting a science degree program at UBC in 2019 there will be new breadth requirements for graduation. Read details here.

Applied Science Degree Program (BASc)

How to Apply

For UBC Students:

For Non-UBC Students:

Non-UBC students interested in PHAS undergraduate programs are required to apply to UBC to be admitted to the faculty first. Please consult the UBC Science Website and UBC Applied Science Website.