Graduate Program Financial Support

All students who are accepted to our graduate program are guaranteed at least a minimum level of financial support, sufficient to cover tuition and living expenses. The funding levels for the 2023-2024 academic year are shown in the table below. These levels are guaranteed for two years for students in the M.Sc. or M.A.Sc. program and four years for students in the Ph.D. program, subject to satisfactory performance in TA and RA duties and academic progress.

Funding Overview

2023-2024 (Sept-Aug) M.Sc./M.A.Sc. Ph.D.
TA1 $11,528   $11,977      
RA2 $16,750   $15,100      
PhD Tuition Award3
(subject to change)
    $5,301 $5,301 $5,301 $5,301
Scholarship   $17,500   $18,200 $21,000 $35,000
Award Top-Up 4
(subject to change)
  $9,150   $8,300 $6,300  
Total Funding $28,278 $26,650 $32,378 $31,801 $32,601 $40,301
Tuition Fees5
(amount subject to change)
$5,301 $5,301 $5,301 $5,301 $5,301 $5,301
Student Fees6
$1,202 $1,202 $1,202 $1,202 $1,202 $1,202
Net Funding
$21,775 $20,147 $25,875 $25,298 $26,098 $33,798
  1. 4 TA units. Scholarship students may receive TA funding as space permits.
  2. Funding is guaranteed for 2 years MSc/MASc and 4 years of a PhD, subject to satisfactory progress.
  3. PhD tuition award is assigned for the first four years of PhD program.This award only covers tuition costs. It does not cover the additional fees that students are charged each term (ex. UPass, Medical).
  4. Top-ups are funded by the student's research supervisor through a Research Assistantship (RA).
  5. International students pay tuition fees of $9,313.92 (approximately) but receive an International Tuition Award (ITA) of up to $3,200 automatically from the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (G+PS) unless they are receiving external funding.
  6. Includes AMS extended medical and dental plan and transit U-pass (fees subject to change). Please see current listing of Student Fees in the UBC Calendar.

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Teaching Assistantship

Graduate students form an essential component of the teaching environment in the Department of Physics and Astronomy.  TAing can provide graduate students with valuable experience that will be useful in later careers.  As a TA, you will have the opportunity to interact with fellow students, develop presentation skills, act as a role model and also benefit monetarily.  The contribution made by graduate students is recognized and for the past 5 years graduate students from this Department have received University Graduate Teaching Assistant awards for teaching.

For more information, including TA workload, duties, course assignments, evaluations, and professional development opportunities, visit the Physics & Astronomy Teaching Assistantship Page.

Important Dates

Feb 1 Summer Job Postings
March 31 Winter Job Postings
April 1* TA Application opens
August  Offers of Appointment

*new incoming graduate students are given a reasonable extension to this deadline

TA Contacts

Shiho Mehrhoff, Grad Program Coordinator, Hennings Building, Room 333, 

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Research Assistantship

Research Assistantships are provided by the Supervisors to provided support for graduate students while they are pursuing research activities. Students without fellowships receive the balance of their financial aid via these Research Assistantships. For new students in their first four months of the M.Sc. or M.A.Sc. program, the Department will cover the cost of the Research Assistantship until the Supervisor is selected, up to a maximum of four months. For more information, visit the UBC Graduate Studies Research Assistant Page.

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External scholarships are available from many sources. You should investigate all sources of financial support for which you are eligible. Canadian students with first-class averages should apply for NSERC awards.

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Affiliated Fellowships are awarded by competition by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Applications are due in September. Students who apply for an NSERC award are automatically considered for 4YF and Affiliated Fellowship awards.

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