Affiliated Institutes & Programs

Quantum Matter Institute

QMI at UBC is a new venture into research of systems and phenomena explicitly involving quantum mechanics. The main initial thrust is devoted to Quantum Materials, whose physical properties – as a direct manifestation of many-body quantum-mechanical interactions – embody the central unresolved questions challenging the field of modern condensed matter physics.

Advanced Materials and Process Engineering Laboratory

AMPEL is a multi-disciplinary research centre with participation of research groups from the faculties of Applied Science, Science, and Dentistry along with strong collaborations with the Faculty of Medicine. The main goal is to bring together basic and applied research groups working at the forefront of research on materials and devices in a collaborative effort sharing both their expertise and the most modern research facilities. Next to striving for a leading position in research, the center provides talented graduate students, post doctoral fellows and research associates a broad range of expertise and modern research equipment.

Pacific Institute of Theoretical Physics

PITP is an international research institute, based at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver, but sponsoring research networks and research collaborations with PITP members from many countries. The PITP research activities include conferences, workshops, and summer schools, and most importantly, short- and long-term research projects involving the members of the PITP research networks. This research is hosted by the PITP visitor centre, located at UBC, where groups of visiting PITP researchers can work together and with researchers in British Columbia.

Canada's National Laboratory for Particle and Nuclear Physics

Established in 1968 in Vancouver,TRIUMF is Canada’s particle accelerator centre. The lab is a hub for discovery and innovation inspired by a half-century of ingenuity in answering nature's most challenging questions. From the hunt for the smallest particles in our universe to research that advances the next generation of batteries or develops isotopes to diagnose and treat disease, TRIUMF drives more than scientific discovery. Powered by its complement of top talent and advanced accelerator infrastructure, TRIUMF is pushing the frontiers in isotope science and innovation, as well as technologies to address fundamental and applied problems in particle and nuclear physics, and the materials and life sciences. In collaboration with 20 Canadian universities, TRIUMF's diverse community of nearly 600 multidisciplinary researchers, engineers, technicians, tradespeople, staff, and students create a unique incubator for Canadian excellence, as well as a portal to premier global collaborations. Our passion for understanding everything from the nature of the nucleus to the creation of the cosmos sparks imagination, inspiration, improved health, economic opportunity, and a better world for all. Follow TRIUMF on social media @TRIUMFLab.

Industry Service Office

The ISO offers a wide variety of applied physics measurement services to BC industry. Our service-oriented facility features diverse unique equipment, qualified researchers, and flexible capabilities.

BC Cancer

BC Cancer’s mandate covers the full spectrum of cancer care from prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment, to research and education, to supportive and palliative care.

Vancouver General Hospital / Vancouver Costal Health

Vancouver Coastal Health provides health care services through a network of hospitals, primary care clinics, community health centres and residential care homes. Search our health care services in Vancouver, Richmond, North and West Vancouver and along the Sea-to-Sky Highway, Sunshine Coast and BC's Central Coast.

International Affiliations