Important note to students taking PHYS/ASTR courses in winter 2021:

All Physics/Astronomy lectures and labs will continue to be given online next semester (January-April 2021); none will be given in person. With the exception of students who have already been cleared to do project work in a lab, there is no academic reason for any student in an undergraduate physics or astronomy course to come to campus or be in Vancouver. Upper-level courses given by other departments may be delivered face-to-face; students should check in each case.

Workshop for Students

Basic Python & Microcontroller Skills Workshop

Never coded? Mystified by electrical circuits? Anxious about Second Year Physics Labs?

Try this no-credit, no-marks, low stress Basic Python & Microcontroller Skills Workshop

April 29th – May 3rd, 2019. 1:30-4:30pm each afternoon @ Life 2532 on UBC Campus

This workshop is aimed primarily (but not solely) at students who aim to be going into 2nd-year physics in September, and would like to boost their confidence in laboratory and computing skills. The workshop is intended to be a not-for-credit primer for such courses as Phys210 (Computational Physics) and Phys219 (Experimental Physics).

Workshop goals (zero experience necessary):

  • to get started with the Python language and control a microcontroller with Python
  • to learn how to calibrate sensors and make/display/analyze measurements
  • to debug an electrical circuit with an oscilloscope

Students will leave the workshop with Python running on their laptops, and each will have an Arduino Nano microcontroller, an ultrasound distance-measuring device, a breadboard and cables to take away. You will need to bring your own laptop to the workshop.

Registration is open. 

Workshop Tutorial

Link to workshop tutorial