UBC Physics and Astronomy is involved in a broad range of medical physics research in the areas of radiation therapy, medical imaging, biomedical optics and radiation biophysics.

Banner image. Left: a quantitative magnetic susceptibility map; right: a myelin water map. Images provided by Dr. Alexander Rauscher and Dr. Alex MacKay.

Faculty Engaged: Medical Physics

Name Position Research
Alex MacKay Professor, Medical Physics Research Group Site
Research Field: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance/ Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Arman Rahmim Associate Professor, Medical Physics Research Webpage
Research Field: Molecular imaging of cancer, Quantitative Imaging, Image reconstruction, Machine learning and radiomics, Theranostics
Topics Include: Quantitative PET for enhanced diagnosis, prognosis and treatment response assessment of cancer patients, Quantitative SPECT-based dosimetry in molecular radiotherapy, Dynamic whole-body PET/CT imaging, Statistical image recon algorithms, etc.
Stefan Reinsberg Associate Professor, Medical Physics SAR Lab Website
Research Field: MR Imaging and Spectroscopy
Topics Include: MRI and MRS in Cancer, Image Method Development
Vesna Sossi Professor, Medical Physics Research Group Site
Research Field: Medical Imaging - PET, Positron Emission Tomography Brain Imaging; Multimodality Imaging
Topics Include: Instrumentation, Algorithms, Neurodegeneration, Clinical and Preclinical Imaging