UBC Physics and Astronomy is involved in a broad range of medical physics research in the areas of radiation therapy, medical imaging, biomedical optics and radiation biophysics.

Banner image. Left: a quantitative magnetic susceptibility map; right: a myelin water map. Images provided by Dr. Alexander Rauscher and Dr. Alex MacKay.

Faculty Engaged: Medical Physics

Name Position Research
Cheryl Duzenli Adjunct Professor, Medical Physics Research Team
Nancy Ford Associate Member, Medical Physics Research Website
Research Field: X-ray imaging, micro-computed tomography, quantitative imaging, dual-energy, image quality, conebeam CT, dental x-ray imaging
Topics Include: Denoising preclinical micro-computed tomography images for improved regional analysis of the lungs and pulmonary vasculature in a mouse model of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease:
We are training CNNs to remove artifacts and noise from respiratory-gated micro-computed tomography images. By removing structural noise and artifacts, we expect to improve the accuracy of measurements obtained from these images.

In Vivo monitoring of FLASH radiation therapy:
We have completed the first 10 MV photon FLASH radiation therapy treatments in mice at the TRIUMF particle accelerator. We are using micro-CT imaging and image-based analysis to monitor any changes in lung structure and function following FLASH radiation therapy treatments. This proof-of-concept study will determine if FLASH treatments have a reduction in healthy tissue damage.
Shannon Kolind Associate Member, Medical Physics Research Field: Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Topics Include: Biologically-specific MRI techniques, development of new acquisition and analysis methods, applications in clinical reasearch
Piotr Kozlowski Associate Member, Medical Physics Research Field: MRI
Corree Laule Associate Member, Medical Physics Research Website
Research Field: magnetic resonance imaging
Topics Include: myelin water imaging, quantitative MRI, T1 and T2 relaxation, brain, spinal cord, myelin, histology, lipids, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, neurological diseases
Calum MacAulay Associate Member, Medical Physics Research Website
Vitali Moiseenko Adjunct Professor, Medical Physics Research Field: BC Cancer Agency
Tony Popescu Adjunct Professor, Medical Physics Radiation Therapy Physics Research Group
Research Field: BCCA Vancouver
Arman Rahmim Professor, Medical Physics Research Webpage
Research Field: Molecular imaging of cancer, Quantitative Imaging, Image reconstruction, Machine learning and radiomics, Theranostics
Topics Include: Quantitative PET for enhanced diagnosis, prognosis and treatment response assessment of cancer patients, Quantitative SPECT-based dosimetry in molecular radiotherapy, Dynamic whole-body PET/CT imaging, Statistical image recon algorithms, etc.
Alexander Rauscher Associate Member, Medical Physics MRI Science Lab
Research Field: Magnetic resonance imaging
Topics Include: quantitative susceptibility mapping, myelin water imaging, neuroscience, multiple sclerosis, concussion, the effects of tissue anisotropy on the MR signal
Stefan Reinsberg Associate Professor, Medical Physics SAR Lab Website
Research Field: MR Imaging and Spectroscopy
Topics Include: MRI and MRS in Cancer, Image Method Development
Vesna Sossi Professor, Medical Physics Research Group Site
Research Field: Medical Imaging - PET, Positron Emission Tomography Brain Imaging; Multimodality Imaging
Topics Include: Instrumentation, Algorithms, Neurodegeneration, Clinical and Preclinical Imaging
Qing-San Xiang Associate Member, Medical Physics Research Field: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
Haishan Zeng Associate Member, Medical Physics Research Website
Research Field: Biomedical Optics/Photomedicine