At UBC Physics and Astronomy, we work on the experimental realization of quantum computation as well as its theoretical foundation.

Robert Raussendorf’s research interests are in the theory of quantum computation, specifically computational models, quantum fault-tolerance, and the relation of quantum computation to foundations of quantum mechanics. Raussendorf has invented the one-way quantum computer (QCc) jointly with Hans Briegel (US patent 7,277,872). The QCc is a scheme of universal quantum computation by local measurements on a multi-particle entangled quantum state, the so-called cluster state. The current research in Robert Raussendorf’s group focuses on so-called ``computational phases of quantum matter’’ and the role of contextuality for quantum computation.

Jeff Young, in collaboration with Michael Thewalt and Stephanie Simmons (both Simon Fraser University) and Lukas Chrsotowski (UBC ECE) works on a quantum computer architecture based on donor qubits in silicon, coupled by photonic interconnects

Faculty Engaged: Quantum Information

Name Position Research
Robert Raussendorf Associate Professor, Theoretical Physics Research Website
Research Field: Quantum computation, quantum error correction
Topics Include: measurement-based models for quantum computation, fault-tolerant quantum computation under geometric constraints, quantum cellular automata,
Jeff Young Professor, Condensed Matter Research Website
Research Field: Photonics, Condensed Matter Physics
Topics Include: Photonic Crystals, Nonlinear Optics, Spintronics

Postdoctoral Fellows & Research Associates Engaged in Quantum Information Research

Name Position Research
Jingda Wu Postdoctoral Fellow, Condensed Matter Research Field: Experimental Condensed Matter, Photonics, Quantum Information
Topics Include: Light-Matter Interactions (cQED), Nonlinear Optics, Photonic Quantum Computation, Nanophotonic Devices