Health, Safety and Environment

This page is used by the P&A Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Committee. See also the UBC page on Health Safety and Environment.

Important Contacts:

In case of Emergency
Police, fire or ambulance 911
Other emergency numbers
hazardous materials response 911
campus security 604-822-2222
emergency first aid 604-822-4444
poison control centre 604-682-5050
Non-emergency numbers
BC Ambulance 604-872-5151
Campus Security (non-emergency) 604-822-8609
UBC Health, Safety and Environment 604-822-2029
RCMP UBC detachment 604-224-1322
Student Health Services
(M-F 8am-4pm except Thurs 9am-4pm)
Trouble Calls (plant ops) 604-822-2173
UBC Hospital Urgent Care 604-822-7222
Vancouver Fire and Rescue Service 604-665-6000
Women Against Violence Against Women (WAVAW) 604-255-6344
First Aid Contacts
The spill cart in Room Hennings 208B

Had an Accident?

Accident Reporting Forms (to be completed by supervisor and returned to PHAS administrator for all accidents).


Safety Training for New/Current Employees

Chemical and Material Safety


For PHAS Program Safety Manual, click here.


  • Fire Extinguisher Servicing
  • Broken Glassware
  • Chemical Waste Inventory System
    The system has been upgraded. The new system requires an email and password, rendering it more secure. In addition, the system no longer requires users to complete  their data entry in one session. To create your user account, please follow the link bellow:
    • Please contact Wegland Sit at 604-827-5389, or should you have any questions regarding to account registration or update.
    • Please contact Valeriy Kichenko at 604-822-6306, or should you have any questions filling out the online chemical waste inventory form.
  • Hazardous materials disposal
    • Gather info on all items to be disposed (chemical name, bottle quantity)
    • Submit as much info as you have about the chemicals using the Online Waste Inventory Form
    • In a few days, UBC HSE will contact you with instructions on how to separate and package the chemicals, and to arrange for pickup from your lab.
    • That's it - fees for chemical waste removal for reasonable amounts of waste disposal are covered by the university-wide UBC HSE (not the PI's or the department).
    • For further info contact: Bang Dang (, ESF Technician, (604) 822-1285
      Valeriy Kichenko (, 604-822-6306.
  • References
    • UBC HSE Chemical Waste Disposal Page
    • Materials which are not recovered by HSE include radioactive materials, unknown chemicals, potentially explosive chemicals and lecture bottles of hazardous gases. Disposal costs for these will be paid by the generator. UBC HSE will forward information about other disposal procedures.

UBC Safety Programs

  • Renovate Safely activities that include any modification of existing structures or physical elements are required to be managed by appropriate University group. See this link for more information