Title Year of Publication
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Eötvös experiments with supermassive black holes 2017
Globular cluster absolute ages from cooling brown dwarfs 2017
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The impulsive phase of magnetar giant flares: assessing linear tearing as the trigger mechanism 2016
Dynamical Estimate of Post-main-sequence Stellar Masses in 47 Tucanae 2016
Constraining White Dwarf Structure and Neutrino Physics in 47 Tucanae 2016
Formation and Evolution of Blue Stragglers in 47 Tucanae 2016
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Constraining Neutrino Cooling Using the Hot White Dwarf Luminosity Function in the Globular Cluster 47 Tucanae 2015
A Measurement of Diffusion in 47 Tucanae 2015
A two-dimensional pseudospectral Hartree-Fock method for low-Z atoms in intense magnetic fields 2014
Energy levels of light atoms in strong magnetic fields 2014
A Fast Matching Algorithm for Sheared Stellar Samples: k-d Match 2013
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Statistical ages and the cooling rate of X-ray dim isolated neutron stars 2013
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Mechanical Properties of non-accreting Neutron Star Crusts 2012
An Empirical Measure Of The Rate Of White Dwarf Cooling In 47 Tucanae 2012
Deep HST Imaging in NGC 6397: Stellar Dynamics 2012
Is Mira a magneto-dusty rotator? 2012
MUFFINS: Metallurgy Uncovers Forced Fractures Inside Neutron Stars 2011
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The Magnetised Bellows of Betelgeuse 2011
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Deep HST Imaging in NGC 6397: Stellar Dynamics 2011
Proper Motions and Internal Dynamics in the Core of the Globular Cluster M71 2011
Diffractive Microlensing I: Flickering Planetesimals at the Edge of the Solar System 2010
Large Pulsar Kicks from Topological Currents 2010
Cosmic Rays from Magnetars 2010
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Diffractive Microlensing II: Substellar Disk and Halo Objects 2010
Compositional Freeze-Out of Neutron Star Crusts 2010
Diffractive Microlensing III: Astrometric Signatures 2010
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Nonlinear Electromagnetic Waves in Magnetosphere of a Magnetar 2010
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Hydrogen and helium atoms in strong magnetic fields 2009
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High-field Neutron Stars - Theoretical Overview 2008
Constraining white-dwarf kicks in globular clusters : II. Observational Significance 2008
Constraining white-dwarf kicks in globular clusters : III. Cluster Heating 2008
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QED can explain the non-thermal emission from SGRs and AXPs : Variability 2007
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Quantum Mechanical Fluctuations at the End of Inflation 2007
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See a Black Hole on a Shoestring 2006
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Magnetars 2005
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Rotational Evolution of Protoneutron Stars with Hyperons: Spin up or not? 2005
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Gen-X : Science Objectives 2004
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R-Modes on Rapidly Rotating, Relativistic Stars: I. Do Type-I Bursts Excite Modes in the Neutron-Star Ocean? 2004
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Thermonuclear Stability of Material Accreting onto a Neutron Star 2003
Changes in the Persistent Emission of 1E 2259+586 during its 2002 Outburst 2003
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LMXBs may be important LIGO sources after all 2002
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Compact Objects and Accretion Disks 2002
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Evidence for the Black Hole Event Horizon 2002
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What is the nature RX J0720.4-3125? 1998
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Powering Anomalous X-ray Pulsars by Neutron Star Cooling 1997
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QED One-Loop Corrections to a Macroscopic Magnetic Dipole 1997
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Autofib Redshift Survey - I. Evolution of the Galaxy Luminosity Function 1996
Magnetically Catalyzed Fusion 1996
Galaxy Formation in a Variety of Hierarchical Models 1995
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Structure of Merger Remnants: IV. Isophotal Shapes 1994
Galaxy Evolution – Observations, Analysis, and Theory 1994
Bending Instabilities in Galaxy Merger Remnants 1993
Structure of Merger Remnants. III. Phase-Space Constraints 1993
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The Magnetised Bellows of Betelgeuse 2012
Magnetars 2008
Casimir interactions between magnetic flux tubes in a dense lattice 2015