UBC students collected four top-ten spots in CAP exam

September 27, 2018

Congratulations to students Chan Gwak, Pedram Amani, Hong Zhe Chen, and Matthew Ward for achieving four of the top ten spots in the 2018 CAP University Prize Exam!


1st – Hanzhen Lin, University of Toronto (cash prize)
2nd – Chan Gwak, University of British Columbia (cash prize)
3rd – Pedram Amani, University of British Columbia (cash prize)
4th – Hiromitsu Sawaoka, University of Toronto
5th – Hong Zhe Chen, University of British Columbia
5th – Andrew Gomes, University of Toronto
6th – Stefan Divic, University of Toronto
6th – Matthew Ward, University of British Columbia
7th – Anqi Mu, University of Toronto
8th – Miles Cranmer, McGill University

The 2018 examination was coordinated by the Department of Physics at the University of Toronto and was held on March 13, 2018. The examination was written by 86 students from 15 universities/colleges. It's a challenging exam so we are excited about the achievement by these UBC students!