Start of term 2 classes delayed, PHYS/ASTR lectures and labs will be online

December 4, 2020

Vancouver and Okanagan Senates have delayed the start of classes in most programs for Winter Session Term 2 to January 11, 2021. Exams are still expected to be completed in April, 2021. UBC is working to provide specifics regarding these changes to students in the coming weeks.

For more information regarding the delay of term 2 start, visit the UBC Broadcast website.

All Physics/Astronomy lectures and labs will continue to be given online next semester (January-April, 2021); none will be given in person. With the exception of students who have already been cleared to do project work in a lab, there is no academic reason for any student in an undergraduate physics or astronomy course to come to campus or be in Vancouver.

Upper-level courses given by other departments may be delivered face-to-face; students should check in each case.

If you have questions regarding your Physics/Astronomy courses, please reach out to the department's academic contacts