Bryman to be awarded 2011 Panofsky Prize

September 30, 2010

Doug Bryman will be receiving the 2011 W. K. H. Panofsky Prize in Experimental Particle Physics. This prestigious award from the American Physical Society will be shared with Laurence Littenberg, Brookhaven National Laboratory and A.J. Stewart Smith, Princeton University.

The Prize was established to recognize and encourage outstanding achievements in Experimental Particle Physics and the award this year is in recognition of their "leadership in the measurement of kaon decay properties and in particular for the discovery and measurement of $K^+ \rightarrow \pi^+ v \bar{v}$.

Doug has been performing precision tests of the Standard Model of Particle Physics by studying extremely rare processes which provide tight constraints on the existence of new physics beyond the Standard Model. The prize recognized the work performed in measuring kaon decay properties, and in particular for the discovery and measurement of the rare kaon decay into a pion, a neutrino and an antineutrino at the Brookhaven National Laboratory.