Huang and Ebbs received 2015 PHAS staff awards

January 29, 2016

Congratulations to PHAS staff members Tongkai Huang and Leanne Ebbs for receiving the 2015 staff awards! The PHAS staff awards, which recognize staff members for their significant contributions to the department, are announced every year during the Departmental Christmas Party. 

Leanne Ebbs started working in PHAS in 2013. She was awarded for her outstanding service to the operations of the department, from financial work to TA assignments. "And to keeping me organized - arguably the hardest job of all," said Dr. Colin Gay, Department Head.

Tongkai Huang is a Lab Engineering Technician and has been with PHAS for the past 16 years, starting in December 1999. He was awarded for his long-standing dedication and innovative work in the undergraduate teaching labs, from the 4th year advanced lab to designing and refining experiments for the new 1st year programs.

Congratulations to both Leanne and Tongkai!