Future rural teacher wins 2023 Allan Carswell Physics Educator Scholarship

January 25, 2024
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Kara Deane in the PHYSSOC Lounge

The PHAS Department proudly extends its heartfelt congratulations to undergraduate student Kara Deane, on being honored as a recipient of the prestigious 2023 Allan Carswell Physics Educator Scholarship. This recognition comes in acknowledgment of Kara's academic achievements and her exemplary efforts in championing STEM, while creating and delivering impactful physics education.

The Allan Carswell Physics Educator Scholarship was set up through the Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) Foundation. This distinguished award provides $5000 in support to individuals who demonstrate a love for physics and a commitment to shaping the future through physics education.

Kara's academic journey is marked by the successful completion of her undergraduate Combined Major in Computer Science & Physics, paving the way for her pursuit of an Education degree at UBC.

Her practicum, based in rural BC, will provide insight into best practices for delivering physics education in an environment where STEM programming and secondary-level science resources may be limited.

Kara's philosophy on teaching physics is rooted in curiosity. Drawing parallels with her own hobbies of skiing and sailing, Kara emphasizes that everyday activities hold profound physics principles. It starts with questions, she explains. “Why does something work this way better than that way? This thinking is physics and science thinking. I want to integrate [this] personally into people’s lives – to make a personal connection for them.”

A key aspect of Kara's teaching approach is her awareness of students' narratives about science and scientists. Recognizing the importance of accessible role models and real-world examples, she strives to inspire students by showcasing how physics is embedded in daily life, school, sports, and more. By bringing physics to life, Kara empowers students with a growing understanding of the workings of their world.

Looking ahead, Kara envisions a future dedicated to teaching and residing in the Kootenays, where her expertise in physics will find relevance in the local context of metallurgy, hydroelectricity, and outdoor recreation.

Once again, congratulations, Kara, on this well-earned achievement! Your passion for physics education and commitment to empowering students are truly inspiring.


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