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Professor Emeritus
Office Room
Hennings 303
Tel (Office)
(604) 822-4360
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Bachelor's Degree
UBC, 1958, Honours Math and Physics

Master's Degree
UBC, 1959, Theoretical Physics

Doctoral Degree
McGill, 1961, Theoretical Physics

Employment History

Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, UBC (1963)
Associate Professor, Department of Physics, UBC (1966)
Professor, Department of Physics, UBC (1974)
Professor Emeritus, Department of Physics, UBC (2000)

Committees and Service

Assistant Dean of Science, UBC (1969-1971, 1985-1987)
Associate Dean of Science, UBC (1987-1990)
Director, Networks of Centres of Excellence Administration Office, UBC (1990-1997)


Research Area
Theoretical Physics

Research Field
Relativistic Quantum Mechanics


My research interests have ranged over a variety of topics in theoretical physics. In chronological order these include:

  • determining the temperature dependence of the shape of paramagnetic resonance lines
  • applying the Boundary Condition Model of the nucleon-nucleon interaction to the nuclear many-body problem
  • investigating properties of Regge poles and Regge cuts in potential theory
  • applying Regge pole ideas to a calculation of nucleon electromagnetic form factors
  • calculating the triton wave function, the 3He charge form factor and the photodisintegration cross section of 3He
  • investigating octet enhancement in a model of vector mesons
  • determining Pauli-Principle effects in pion-nucleus scattering
  • calculating the differential cross section for pion-deuteron scattering at intermediate energies
  • constructing a new Hamiltonian for interacting nucleons and pions
  • investigating consequences of space-time invariances in quantum mechanics and direct interaction theories
  • dressing the Cloudy Bag Model of nucleons and pions: calculation of the second-order nucleon-nucleon potential
  • investigating the Lorentz boost of the Newton-Wigner-Pryce position operator
  • determining scattering equations for a coupled relativistic 2- and 3-body system
  • dressing a model of interacting fermions, antifermions and bosons

Quantum Leaps and Bounds

Quantum Leaps and Bounds is a six-volume set of lecture notes in book form for the introductory graduate quantum mechanics course I taught at UBC at various times between 1973 and 1998.

Relativity and Quanta

Relativity and Quanta is a collection of notes and solved problems for Physics 200 Relativity and Quanta which I taught at UBC in 1998 and 1999.

Selected Publications

"On the Temperature Dependence of the Shape of Paramagnetic Resonance Lines", Can. J. Phys. 38, 1168 (1960), M. McMillan and W. Opechowski

"Electromagnetic Form Factors in the Regge Representation", Nuovo Cimento 25, 838 (1962), M. McMillan and E. Predazzi

"The Nuclear Many-Body Problem Using the Boundary Condition Model", Ann. Phys. (N.Y.) 23, 439 (1963), E.L. Lomon and M. McMillan

"Separable Nonlocal Potentials and Regge Poles", Nuovo Cimento 29, 1043 (1963), M. McMillan

"The Triton Wave Function in the Feshbach-Rubinow Approximation", Nucl. Phys. A159, 661 (1970), D. Maroun and M. McMillan

"Calculation of the 3He Form Factor with the Reid Potential", Phys. Lett. 40B, 437 (1972), M. McMillan

"Pauli Principle Effects in Pion--Nucleus Scattering", Phys. Rev. C8, 2094 (1973), R.H. Landau and M. McMillan

"On the Single Scattering Contribution to the Differential Cross Section for the Elastic Scattering of Low Energy Positive Pions by Deuterium", TRIUMF Report TRI-74-1, December 1974, 32 pages, M. McMillan and R.H. Landau

"Dressing the Cloudy Bag Model: 2nd Order Nucleon-Nucleon Potential", Phys. Rev. C28, 2489 (1983), D.H. Hearn, M. McMillan and A. Raskin

"Lorentz Boost of the Newton-Wigner-Pryce Position Operator", Phys. Rev. A56, 2563 (1997), A.H. Monahan and M. McMillan

"Faddeev Equations for a Relativistic Two- and Three-Body System", Phys. Rev. A58, 4226 (1998), A.H. Monahan and M. McMillan