First Name
Middle Name
Last Name
Professor Emeritus
Office Room
Hennings 261
Tel (Office)
(604) 822-9714

Master's Degree
Unijversity of Kiel, Germanny, (Diplom, Physics)

Doctoral Degree
TH Muninch, Work doen at the MPI Plamaphysics, Graching

Employment History
  • Research Assistant, MPI Plamaphysics, 1960-1964
  • Instructor II,  UBC Physics  1964-1965 
  • Assistant Professor UBC Physics  1965-1968
  • Assoc Professor, UBC Physics  1968-1972
  • Professor, UBC Physics  1972-1995
  • Professor emeritus    1995

Committees and Service
  • Acting Director, Engineering Physics Programm 1977-78 (started the Engineering Physics Project lab APSC 459)
  • Acting Director, Engineering Physics Programm 1983-84


Additional Information

Marital Status: married
Children: 3
Home Address: 3934 W20th Ave. Vancouver

Research Field
(1)Open flow systems with energy flow

Research Topics
(2)Plasma dynamics, shock-, detonation-, blast-, and heat waves, plasma jets, electric arcs, thermodynamics, grid turbulence in water, zoological physics, astronomical plasma flow systems.

Selected Publications

Plasma physics

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Shock waves and detonations

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Turbulence and vortex shedding

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Zoological Physics

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