Title Year of Publication
The performance and limitations of FPGA-based digital servos for atomic, molecular, and optical physics experiments 2017
An adaptable dual species effusive source and Zeeman slower design demonstrated with Rb and Li 2016
Transparent electrodes for high E-field production using a buried indium tin oxide layer 2016
Method for independent and continuous tuning of N lasers phase-locked to the same frequency comb 2015
Narrowband solid state vuv coherent source for laser cooling of antihydrogen 2015
Transforming a fourth year modern optics course using a deliberate practice framework 2015
Anomalous Behavior of Dark States in Quantum Gases of $^6${L}i 2014
Photon-scattering-rate measurement of atoms in a magneto-optical trap 2013
High-resolution photoassociation spectroscopy of the ⁶{L}i₂ ${A}(1^{1} Σ_u^{+})$ state 2013
Chemical reactions of ultracold alkali-metal dimers in the lowest-energy $^{3} Σ$ state 2013
Realization of {BEC}-{BCS}-crossover physics in a compact oven-loaded magneto-optic-trap apparatus 2013
High-resolution photoassociation spectroscopy of the ⁶{L}i₂ $c({1}^{3} Σ_g^{+})$ state 2013
Magneto-optical trap loading rate dependence on trap depth and vapor density 2012
Method and device for accurately measuring the incident flux of ambient particles in a high or ultra-high vacuum environment 2011
Trap-depth determination from residual gas collisions 2011
Giant Feshbach resonances in $^6${L}i–$^{85}${R}b mixtures 2010
Giant Feshbach resonances in $^{6}\mathrm{Li}$-$^{85}\mathrm{Rb}$ mixtures 2010
Observation of quantum diffractive collisions using shallow atomic traps 2009
Effects of electric fields on heteronuclear Feshbach resonances in ultracold ⁶{L}i–$^{87}${R}b mixtures 2009
Widely tunable, single-mode optical frequency synthesizer with a 100 kHz uncertainty 2009
Compact laser cooling apparatus for simultaneous cooling of lithium and rubidium 2009
Effects of electric fields on heteronuclear Feshbach resonances in ultracold $^{6}\text{L}\text{i-}^{87}\text{R}\text{b}$ mixtures 2009
Feshbach resonances in ultracold $^{85}\mathrm{Rb}\text{-}^{87}\mathrm{Rb}$ and $^{6}\mathrm{Li}\text{-}^{87}\mathrm{Rb}$ mixtures 2008
Feshbach resonances in ultracold $^{85}${R}b–$^{87}${R}b and ⁶{L}i–$^{87}${R}b mixtures 2008
Using Difference Frequency Generation to Lock a CW Visible Laser to a Fiber Laser Frequency Comb 2008
Amplification and front facet reflectivity of broad area lasers 2007
Dual-channel amplification in a single-mode diode laser for multi-isotope laser cooling 2007
Angular distribution of neutrons from deuterated cluster explosions driven by femtosecond laser pulses 2006
Dynamic Acceleration Effects in Explosions of Laser-Irradiated Heteronuclear Clusters 2005
Dynamic Acceleration Effects in Explosions of Laser Irradiated Heteronuclear Clusters 2005
Role of laser-pulse duration in the neutron yield of deuterium cluster targets 2004
Fusion neutron and ion emission from deuterium and deuterated methane cluster plasmas 2004
Overview of future directions in high energy-density and high-field science using ultra-intense lasers 2004
Fusion and blast wave studies in laser-heated cluster media 2004
Investigation of fusion yield from exploding deuterium-cluster plasmas produced by 100-TW laser pulses 2003
Fusion yield scaling and the role of laser pulse duration in exploding cluster plasmas 2003
Transverse Breathing Mode of an Elongated Bose-Einstein Condensate 2002
Interferometric detection of a single vortex in a dilute Bose-Einstein condensate 2001
Stationary States of a Rotating Bose-Einstein Condensate: Routes to Vortex Nucleation 2001
An atom faucet 2001
Fusion neutrons from exploding deuterium cluster plasmas: a possible source for time-resolved neutron damage studies 2001
Measurement of the Angular Momentum of a Rotating Bose-Einstein Condensate 2000
Vortex Formation in a Stirred Bose-Einstein Condensate 2000
Vortices in a stirred Bose-Einstein condensate 2000
Observation of the Wannier-Stark fan and the fractional ladder in an accelerating optical lattice 1999
Dynamical Bloch Band Suppression in an Optical Lattice 1998
Observation of Rabi oscillations between Bloch bands in an optical potential 1998
Quantum transport of ultracold atoms in an accelerating optical potential 1997
Experimental evidence for non-exponential decay in quantum tunneling 1997
Observation of atomic tunneling from an accelerating optical potential 1997
Atom Optics as a Testing Ground for Quantum Chaos 1996
Observation of Atomic Wannier-Stark Ladders in an Accelerating Optical Potential 1996
Can a Single-Pulse Standing Wave Induce Chaos in Atomic Motion? 1996