Title Year of Publication
Simultaneous, single-particle measurements of size and loading give new insights into the structure of drug-delivery nanoparticles. 2021
Non-equilibrium structural dynamics of supercoiled DNA plasmids exhibit asymmetrical relaxation. 2021
Probing inhomogeneous diffusion in the microenvironments of phase-separated polymers under confinement. 2019
Single-molecule visualization of the effects of ionic strength and crowding on structure-mediaed interactions in supercoiled DNA molecules. 2019
Single-cell analysis for drug development using Convex Lens-Induced Confinement (CLiC) imaging. 2019
Single-molecule imaging of the biophysics of molecular interactions with precision and control, in cell-like conditions, and without tethers. 2019
Visualizing Structure-mediated Interactions in Supercoiled DNA Molecules 2018
Miniaturized flow cell with pneumatically-actuated vertical nanoconfinement for single-molecule imaging and manipulation. 2018
Spin-induced Spooling of Macromolecules 2017
Biological Confinement Physics: Squeezing New Information out of Complex Macromolecules 2017
Continuous Confinement Fluidics: Getting Lots of Molecules in Small Spaces 2016
Formatting and Ligating Biopolymers using Adjustable Nanotopographies 2016
Parallelized Cytoindentation Using Convex Micropatterned Surfaces 2016
Directly Measuring the Free Energy of a Polymer in Slit-Like Confinement from the Odijk to the Bulk Regime 2016
Manipulating and visualizing molecular interactions in customized nanoscale spaces 2016
Open-frame System for Single-Molecule Microscopy 2015
Development of a Platform for Single Cell Genomics Using Convex Lens- Induced Confinement 2015
Convex lens-induced nanoscale templating 2014
Single-molecule fluorescence imaging of processive myosin with enhanced background suppression using linear Zero Mode Waveguides (ZMW) and Convex Lens-induced Confinement (CLiC) 2013
Precision Platform for Convex Lens-Induced Confinement Microscopy 2013
Convex Lens-induced Confinement for Imaging Single Molecules 2010