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Undergrad Degree Programs

Degree Programs

(How to Apply Info (https://phas.ubc.ca/undergrad-how-apply))

Science Degree Programs (BSc)

Please note for students starting a science degree program at UBC in 2019 there will be new breadth requirements for graduation. Read details here (https://phas.ubc.ca/undergrad-new-scinece-breadth-requirement).

Applied Science Degree Program (BASc)

How to Apply

For UBC Students:

For Non-UBC Students:

Non-UBC students interested in PHAS undergraduate programs are required to apply to UBC to be admitted to the faculty first. Please consult the UBC Science Website (http://science.ubc.ca/future/) and UBC Applied Science Website (https://engineering.ubc.ca/admissions/undergraduate).

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