Campus wireless system

The UBC Campus is covered by ITServices "wireless" access which is free for all UBC faculty, staff and students. Strong signals should be available in all areas of Hennings, Hebb and Brimacombe; please let the IT staff know if this is not the case. The UBC policy on wireless networking was adopted in 2006-01.

For detail instructions on how to connect to "ubcsecure" wireless network, please go to UBC IT website.

UBC Private Wireless

ubcprivate is UBC's identity-based wireless network. It is the wireless extension of the UBC Virtual Networks Service and allows authorized users to connect directly to their own department's network and security domain over wireless. A Virtual Network is an interconnected group of networks which appears as one network to the user protected by one firewall.

Who can use this service?

All PHAS faculty, staff, and graduate students may access this service. Please contact one of the PHAS-IT staff to arrange access.

In order to connect, clients must use their CWL ID.

Appropriate Use

All clients must agree to abide by the Appropriate Use Policy

Technical Requirements

Wireless devices connecting to ubcprivate must support WPA2 Enterprise/AES. Visit the ubcprivate Configuration Settings page for more details.

Getting Started

Further Information