UBC Wireless (https://phas.ubc.ca/ubc-wireless)

Campus wireless system

The UBC Campus is covered by ITServices "wireless" (http://www.wireless.ubc.ca/) access which is free for all UBC faculty, staff and students. Strong signals should be available in all areas of Hennings, Hebb and Brimacombe; please let the IT staff know if this is not the case. The UBC policy on wireless networking (http://www.universitycounsel.ubc.ca/policies/policy130.pdf) was adopted in 2006-01.

For detail instructions on how to connect to "ubcsecure" wireless network, please go to UBC IT website (http://it.ubc.ca/service_catalogue/internet_telephone/wireless/wpa.html).

Source URL: https://phas.ubc.ca/ubc-wireless