Quantum Information (https://phas.ubc.ca/quantum-information)

At UBC Physics and Astronomy, we work on the experimental realization of quantum computation as well as its theoretical foundation.

Robert Raussendorf (https://www.phas.ubc.ca/~raussen/)’s research interests are in the theory of quantum computation, specifically computational models, quantum fault-tolerance, and the relation of quantum computation to foundations of quantum mechanics. Raussendorf has invented the one-way quantum computer (QCc) jointly with Hans Briegel (US patent 7,277,872). The QCc is a scheme of universal quantum computation by local measurements on a multi-particle entangled quantum state, the so-called cluster state. The current research in Robert Raussendorf’s group focuses on so-called ``computational phases of quantum matter’’ and the role of contextuality for quantum computation.

Jeff Young (https://www.phas.ubc.ca/users/jeff-young), in collaboration with Michael Thewalt and Stephanie Simmons (both Simon Fraser University) and Lukas Chrsotowski (UBC ECE) works on a quantum computer architecture based on donor qubits in silicon, coupled by photonic interconnects

Source URL: https://phas.ubc.ca/quantum-information