PHAS graduate student among scientists who have observed a new kind of emission from Andromeda

July 4, 2019

20190704Andromeda_0.pngA group of scientists, including UBC graduate student Sofia Fatigoni, have observed a new kind of emission coming from the Andromeda Galaxy. Called Anomalous Microwave Emission (AME), it can not be any of the standard galactic emission mechanisms, synchrotron or thermal dust emission. There have been hints of AME before, but these results are the first measurements with high statistical significance. These results were achieved by making the largest map yet from the Sardinia Radio Telescope (SRT), a new Italian facility.

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  • Strong evidence of Anomalous Microwave Emission from the ux density spectrum of M31– Battistelli, E. S., Fatigoni, S., Murgia, M., Buzzelli, A., Carretti, E., Castangia, P., ... & Govoni, F. - The Astrophysical Journal Letters 2019, 877, L31. DOI:



Sophia and two others on the primary mirror of the Sardinia Radio Telescope (SRT).