CWL - Campus Wide Login

The Campus-Wide Login authentication service is maintained by UBC IT. This is a self-subscription system (ie you can create a login via a Web form). Staff & faculty require an employee number; students require a student number & a Student Service Centre password. (Please check the current requirements at Who can register for CWL.)

This service allows

  • access to the campus wireless network
  • access to UBC VPN service, including a reserved IP range for the phas VPN.
  • access to other protected campus services depending on assigned roles. (eg PeopleSoft).
  • other campus services (SISc, FSC, ...) & the dept. portal can be expected to migrate to using CWLs in the future.

To check your role assignments: (to see if you are able to use a P&A VPN, for example)

  • from the CWL Main Page select myAccount and then View or Update Login Details;¬†¬†which should launch a View or Update Login Details
  • In the displayed account Information box -- will be a: Role List. If you are part of the P&A VPN you will see something like: ca.ubc.service.vpn.phas.users