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Bachelor's Degree
University of Alberta, 1976, First Class Honors in Physics

Doctoral Degree
University of Alberta, 1981, Theoretical Physics

Employment History

Professor, University of British Columbia since 1990;  Velux Visiting Professor, Niels Bohr Institute, 2012,  Member, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, New Jersey, 2000 Visiting Professor, Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen, 1999; Nordita Professor, Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen, 1989 Member, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, 1984-1985 Postdoctoral Fellow, Massacusetts Institute of Technology 1982-1983


Sigma Xi 2021, EU Academy of Sciences 2021, Jacob Biely Prize (UBC), 2012; Officer of the Order of Canada, 2012; Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, 2012; Lifetime Achievement Award, Canadian Association of Physicists, 2012; D.Sc. Honoris Causa, University of Lethbridge, 2011; Canadian Association of Physicists Brockhouse Medal, 2010; Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada since 2000; Canadian Association of Physicists/CRM Medal for Mathematical Physics 2000; MacDowell Medal 1990; Killam Research Prize 1989

Committees and Service

Associate of the Perimeter Institute; UBC Phas Committee for Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure; UBC Phas Health and Safety Committee; UBC Physics  Comprehensive Exam Committee; Editorial Board of the Ukrainian Journal of Physics


Hobbies and Interests


Research Area
Theoretical Physics

Research Field
Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics

Research Topics
String Theory, quantum field theory, quantum gravity, statistical mechanics, theoretical condensed matter physics, MOEDAL experiment at CERN

Research Title
Particles, strings and fields


My research examines the nature at its most fundamental level, My recent interests have been in superstring theory and duality of string theories with strongly coupled gauge field theories and in quantum gravity.  I am also interested in quantum information theoretic questions in quantum field theory and applications of quantum field theory methods in elementary particle and condensed matter physics.