First Name
Last Name
Professor (50%)
Office Room
Hennings Office 336
Lab Room
Hennings Lab 120A
Tel (Office)
(604) 822-5712
Tel (Lab)
(604) 822-0925
Research Groups

Bachelor's Degree
B.A. (Cantab) 1976

Doctoral Degree
Ph.D (Birmingham) 1980

Employment History
  • RA (TRIUMF) 1980-85
  • URF (UBC/TRIUMF) 1980-90
  • Assistant Professor (UBC) 1990-93
  • Associate Professor (UBC) 1993-2003
  • Professor (UBC) 2003-
  • P. Eng. 2003-

  • Breakthrough Prize (Fundamental Physics) 2015
  • Faculty of Science Award, 2010
  • Alumni Association Distinguished Faculty Award, 2008
  • John C. Polanyi Medal (NSERC) 2006
  • Faculty of Science Award, 2003
  • Killam Award, May 1998

Committees and Service

Department: Outreach.

Acoustical Society of America: Technical Committee on Musical Acoustics

Hobbies and Interests

Lutherie, violinist in local community orchestra

Research Area
Applied Physics

Research Field
Musical Acoustics


Current musical acoustics research interests: Vibroacoustics (measurement and modelling) of Western and Asian string instruments, e.g. qin, santur, erhu, violin; physics of acoustic woods.