UBC Thesis LaTex2e Class Files

Current Location of Class Files: ubcthesis LaTeX2e class files

This class is designed to help students write theses in LaTeX2e, and was specifically design by former Physics & Astronomy graduate student, Michael Forbes, for conformance with the University of British Columbia (UBC) guidelines. While it is not officially supported by the university,  the Faculty of Graduate Studies has checked with the sample and recommends its use.  If you follow the instructions in ubcsample.tex you should produce a compliant thesis. Always send your thesis in to check for conformance with sufficient time to make corrections.

Please see the README file for more information and for how to contact Michael should you need support with the class.

NOTE: The genthesis.cls and ubcthesis.cls files are already installed on hyper.

On other computers, to use the class, simply put the genthesis.cls file and the ubcthesis.cls file somewhere on your LaTeX path (or simply in the same directory as your thesis).