Time-dependent elastic response to a local shear transformation in amorphous solids

Publication Type
Journal Article
Year of Publication
Puosi, F.
Barrat, J-L.
Name of Publication
Physical Review E

The elastic response of a two-dimensional amorphous solid to induced local shear transformations, which mimic the elementary plastic events occurring in deformed glasses, is investigated via molecular-dynamics simulations. We show that for different spatial realizations of the transformation, despite relative fluctuations of order one, the long-time equilibrium response averages out to the prediction of the Eshelby inclusion problem for a continuum elastic medium. We characterize the effects of the underlying dynamics on the propagation of the elastic signal. A crossover from a propagative transmission in the case of weakly damped dynamics to a diffusive transmission for strong damping is evidenced. In the latter case, the full time-dependent elastic response is in agreement with the theoretical prediction, obtained by solving the diffusion equation for the displacement field in an elastic medium.