Matlab is licensed centrally and is available at no charge to all faculty, staff, researchers and graduate students* for non-commercial Teaching and Research purposes related to UBC.

*Please note: graduate students are defined as being any individual at UBC who are paid employees of the university; any individual who is not paid by the university is not eligible.

Students are also eligible to use the software on any UBC owned computer including any labs, but our license does not cover use on student's personally owned computers.

Students: if you're taking a course based on Matlab, you can get the Matlab and Simulink Student Version directly from Mathworks. Note that additional special toolboxes for the Student Version may need to be purchased as well depending upon your Matlab needs.

Specific details about the license can be found online at  


MATLAB latest version installation media is available for check out from PHAS IT at Hennings 203A.

Students can find MATLAB on all PHAS lab computers: Hennings 205, Hennings 203

MATLAB is also installed on PHAS application server. Users can ssh in to run MATLAB from the servers.