You can forward your incoming PHAS email to another server, but please be aware that under the FIPPA you are required to protect personal information. 

Mail Forwarding

There are 3 ways to forward mail addressed to a local domain to another address:

  •     use the Auto-Response feature in the PHAS WebMail tool.
  •     to filter out spam before forwarding: add a line to your /mail/$HOME/.dovecot.sieve file.  (see sieve page)
  •     create a /mail/$HOME/.forward file with the forwarding address(es):

          - ssh into
          - cd /mail/$HOME
          - use a text editor to create/modify the .forward file, or type something like:
                    echo '{other address}' > .forward

Care must be exercised with all mail forwarding, not to create a mail loop. (site A forwards to site B which forwards back to site A). Postmasters take a particularly dim view of such behaviour.