Welcome to Electronics Lab - Hennings Bld, Room 254 (Mezzanine Level)

Email: elab@phas.ubc.ca
Phone: 604 822 4370

Elab Hours of Operation [Monday to Friday]:
< 08:15 - 10:00 >
< 10:15 - 12:00 >
< 12:30 - 15:00 >
< 15:15 - 16:00 >

PHAS Electronics Lab Role:

  • The Electronics Lab (aka 'Elab') assists researchers and graduate students with their projects.
  • The Elab maintains an small inventory of various electronics parts, through hole components, SMD components, wires, and connectors.
    These parts are available to Physics & Astronomy students in *small* quantities and/or emergency use. It is strongly encouraged PHAS department research and teaching labs procur their own parts.
  • The Elab "Contact Person" will assist students or faculty when visiting the Elab. The "Contact Person" is indicated on the sign on the door.
    All parts requests or assistance should be directed to the "Contact Person", before asking other technicians in the lab.
    Visitors should not help themselves to parts and catalogs on their own.
    Undergrads will need a speedchart as well as authorization (signature) from their supervising instructor to withdraw parts from the Elab.
  • The majority of the Elab's time is dedicated to working on research projects directed by department faculty members. However, any assistance requiring more than an hour's work can be made into a work order. Please see "Contact Person" to start a workorder. Typical workorders are repairs, maintenance, to full electronics design, from design to final product. (ie printed circuit board packaged into mechanical enclosure)
  • PCB Software - The Elab currently uses Altium Designer for schematic entry and PCB design. For access to the Altium License server please see the PHAS IT staff. The elab can provide minor support with Altium, questions, setup, and library questions. Upon request the elab Altium library can be made available to individuals. The elab Altium library has schematic symbols and decals of a large variety of commonly used parts, IC's, thru-hole parts, connectors, SMD components, as well as most elab stock items.

General Advice before requesting Elab's assistance 

  • Ideally, arrive at the Elab with your requirements and documentation. (parts list, schematics, application requirements, power calculations worked out, etc). Calculations are the work for the student.
  • Come to us in well in advance of your deadlines! We will do our best in emergency situations, however, our services cannot be guranteed. As a general guideline, teaching labs should submit their requests one year in advance of the course.
  • Repair work requests - Please bring all documentation with the equipment to be worked on. While we do not refuse to repair equipment without schematics, we can only promise a best effort in such cases.

Where to buy parts:


Main Electronics (Located in Vancouver on Main Street between 29th and 30th Avenue)
Lee's Electronics (Located in Vancouver on Main Street & 29th and 30th Avenue, carries components, soldering stations and equipment)
RP Electronics (Located in Vancouver, near 12th Avenue and Grandview Hwy, carries components, connectors, kits, and wiring)
Interior Electronics (Located in Burnaby on Boundary, near 1st Ave. carries components, soldering stations and equipment)
MRO Electronics (Located in Burnaby on Boundary, near 1st Ave. custom RF cables, carries components, lab equipment )

Online: (listed in order of Elab's preference)

Newark (wide selection of components, hardware, wiring, bench top equipment) FREE SHIPPING FOR UBC , no minimum order amount
Digikey (wide selection of components, fast service, however with higher prices than most other electronic vendors) FREE SHIPPING on orders > $200.00
Mouser (wide selection of components, fast service, however with higher prices than most other electronic vendors)
Sparkfun (wide selection of kits, microcontrollers, mini boards)

Other component vendors to consider:

Future Active (components, soldering stations and equipment)
Avnet Electronics Marketing (components, soldering stations and equipment)
Electrosonic (carries mostly hardware, cabling, connectors, soldering stations, power supplies)
Arrow Electronics (components, excellent source for semiconductors)

Computer & Computer Related Hardware and Cables:

Direct Canada
Monoprice (mostly computer cables-hdmi, monitor, network,usb)
Newegg Canada
Canada Computers
Tigerdirect Canada

PCB Manufacturing

AP Circuits (Located in Calgary, AB - One day turn around PCB manufacturing, for quick prototypes)
Custom PCB / Silver Circuits.(Located in Malaysia, excellent pricing, however delivery is obviously longer than NA vendors)
Enigma Interconnect. (Located in Burnaby, BC, higher end PCB manufacturing, the place to go for sensitive or multilayer boards)
Batch PCB (Online submission, cheaper service, orders finished based on que.)
Omni Graphics (Located in Richmond, BC)


Eaglesoft PCB Layout Software (Free educational PCB layout software, but limited)
DSP Guide for Scientists & Engineers
HP Educators Corner
Op Amps for Everyone
Oreilly Open Books 
Elab library