Hennings Computer Labs

The departmental computer facilities includes various servers to support central services such as email, web, etc, login/compute server for general use, and various lab workstations.

There are 3 lab areas in the Hennings Building for general use. A fourth area, Hennings 312 is the Astronomy Computer Lab & is heavily booked by the ASTR undergraduate class.

During the winter session there are Computer Lab TAs available from approx. 10AM to 2PM.  They are usually located in the 205 Lab.  Click on the link above to see their schedule.

Computer Lab Location Workstations/Printers
203 Lab Henn 203
  • 3 dual bootable (Windows/Ubuntu Linux) workstations
  • 1 Windows 7 with a flatbed colour scanner
  • Xerox ColorQube 8850 (lp - default printer)
  • a Pay for Print release station for undergraduate student printing
205 Lab

Calendar (Please view in Firefox)

Henn 205
  • 41 Linux computers
  • whiteboad
  • projection screen
  • a Registration Kiosk for undergraduate account creation
Astronomy Lab Henn 312
  • 18 Linux computers -- note: these are not configured for general use; your  login account & disk areas will not be available.