Hennings Computer Lab

The departmental computer facilities includes various servers to support central services such as email, web, etc, login/compute server for general use, and various lab workstations.

There is a lab area in the Hennings room 203 for general use. A second area, Hennings 312 is the Astronomy Computer Lab & is heavily booked by the ASTR undergraduate class.

Computer Lab Location Workstations/Printers
203 Lab Henn 203
  • 3 dual bootable (Windows/Ubuntu Linux) workstations
  • 1 Windows 7 with a flatbed colour scanner
  • Xerox ColorQube 8850 (lp - default printer)
  • a Pay for Print release station for undergraduate student printing
Astronomy Lab Henn 312
  • 18 Linux computers -- note: these are not configured for general use; your  login account & disk areas will not be available.