Additional Award Information

The available awards include: American Physical Society Fellow, BC Innovation Council Awards, Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) Medals, Faculty of Science Achievement Awards, Henry Marshall Tory Medal, Killam Award for Excellence in Teaching, Killam Faculty Research Junior Fellows, Michael Smith Foundation Career Investigator Awards, Maud Menten New Principal Investigator Prize, NASA Group Achievement Award - Agency Honor Awards, Physics and Astronomy Staff Service Award, Royal Society of Canada, Sloan Research Fellowships

Additional Award Information

American Physical Society Fellow: The APS Fellowship Program was created to recognize members who may have made advances in knowledge through original research and publication or made significant and innovative contributions in the application of physics to science and technology. They may also have made significant contributions to the teaching of physics or service and participation in the activities of the Society. Each year, no more than one-half of one percent of the then current membership of the Society are recognized by their peers for election to the status of Fellow in The American Physical Society.

BC Innovation Council Awards: BCIC honours the outstanding achievements of BC's scientists, engineers, industrial innovators and science communicators. Each spring, nominations are received from across the province for the seven award categories. A volunteer Awards Selection Committee, drawn from industry and academia, meets to review the nominations and select the winners in a maximum of five of the seven award categories.

Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) Medals: The Canadian Association of Physicists is a broadly-based national network of physicists in working in Canadian educational, industrial, and research settings. We are a strong and effective advocacy group for support of, and excellence in, physics research and education. Each year, the organization recognises excellence in Canadian scientists by awarding a medal in a number of catagories, including "Excellence in Teaching" and "Career Achievement in Physics"

Faculty of Science Achievement Awards: Faculty of Science Achievement Awards are awarded to faculty, students and staff who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of teaching, research, service and leadership. Nominations are submitted by the Department to the Dean of Science annually.

Henry Marshall Tory Medal: The Henry Marshall Tory Medal was established in 1941 by Henry Marshall Tory (1864-1947), FRSC. Founder of the Universities of British Columbia and Alberta, the National Research Council Laboratories and Carleton University, and President of RSC (1939-1940), he bequeathed funds upon his death in 1947 to endow the medal. The medal is awarded for outstanding research in a branch of astronomy, chemistry, mathematics, physics, or an allied science, carried out mainly in the eight years preceding the date of the award, but all the research of the candidate is taken into account. The gold plated silver medal is offered every two years if there is a suitable candidate.

Killam Award for Excellence in Teaching: The University of British Columbia recognizes excellence in teaching with the UBC Killam Teaching Prize for faculty members with at least three years of teaching at UBC. Established University-wide, the prize is adjudicated within each of the twelve Faculties under procedures defined in the Faculty and approved by the Provost. Candidates may be nominated by colleagues, students, or alumni. The award recognizes distinguished teaching at any level or combination of levels: introductory, advanced or graduate (including supervision). Winners are announced in the Spring and honoured at Spring Congregation in May. Congregation provides an appropriate context in which graduates are able to join in honouring faculty members who are among their best teachers. Each prize is accompanied by an award of $5,000 from the Izaak Walton and Dorothy Killam Endowment.

Killam Faculty Research Junior Fellows: The Killam research awards are given annually from the Killam Endowment Fund to faculty nominated by students, colleagues and alumni in recognition of excellence in research.

Maud Menten New Principal Investigator Prize: CIHR's Institute of Genetics has established the Maud Menten New Principal Investigator Prizes to honour Dr. Maud Menten, whose outstanding career as a biomedical scientist led to many achievements, including important co-discoveries related to blood sugar, haemoglobin and kidney function. In 1913, a collaboration with Leonor Michaelis on the behaviour of enzymes resulted in the Michaelis-Menten equation, a biomedical concept so fundamental it is familiar to first-year science students. The program recognizes and supports the research leaders of tomorrow who are working within the Institute's mandate, awarding prizes in three areas: biomedical, clinical and health services/population health/genetic, ethical, legaland social issues.

Michael Smith Foundation Career Investigator Awards: The Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research adjudicates and awards funding for trainee and career awards, research infrastructure awards and other initiatives that are building health research capacity in British Columbia. The Career Investigator Program continues to emphasize recruitment of health researchers from outside the province, while also enabling emerging BC researchers to develop their careers here.

NASA Group Achievement Award - Agency Honor Awards: Sponsored by the NASA Incentive Awards Board (IAB), these awards are NASAs most prestigious honor awards. They are approved by the Administrator and presented to a number of carefully selected individuals and groups, both Government and non-Government, who have distinguished themselves by making outstanding contributions to the Agency's mission. The IAB annually requests nominations for the various NASA honor awards, and through rigorous review, forwards their recommendations to the Administrator for approval. NASA honor medals and certificates are presented to award recipients by the Agencys highest officials at the annual awards ceremonies held at NASA Headquarters and ateach NASA Center.

Physics and Astronomy Staff Service Award:The Physics and Astronomy Service Award is our way to acknowledge truly outstanding service that goes well beyond the call of duty. This award is presented on an annual basis to a Physics and Astronomy staff member whose exceptional contributions in areas such as service, administration and leadership have had a significant and positive impact in achieving the goals of the Department. The award shall consist of a cash prize of $500.00, luncheon for two at Sage Bistro and a plaque in recognition of this award. All full-time administrative, technical and research staff in our Department are eligible. (This includes all of the management, and unionized staff. Please refer to our staff listing on the Department web page for the comprehensive list.) Staff within the Department will be eligible only once for this award within five years.

Royal Society of Canada: Election to the Royal Society of Canada is the highest honour that can be attained by scholars, artists and scientists in Canada. The Society is now proud to celebrate the intellectual achievements of the new Fellows, said Gilles Paquet, President of the Society. We wish to recognize the extraordinary accomplishments of persons of talent, expertise and creativity in all fields, from experimental and applied science to health and medical sciences, and from socials sciences and humanities to the various artistic domains.

Sloan Research Fellowships: The Sloan Research Fellowships are intended to enhance the careers of the very best young faculty members in specified fields of science. Currently a total of 116 fellowships are awarded annually (within North America) in seven fields: chemistry, computational and evolutionary molecular biology, computer science, economics, mathematics, neuroscience, and physics.