2013 Department Open House

We are opening the doors of the Department of Physics & Astronomy to the public on Saturday, May 25th! You will get the opportunity to learn what questions physicists and astronomers are currently trying to answer, and how their efforts lead to the development of new ideas and technologies with important impact on many aspects of the society.

Visitors will be able to attend presentations and visit research laboratories. A shuttle bus will take visitors to TRIUMF, Canada’s national laboratory for nuclear and particle physics research and related sciences.

Here is a preview of the talks and activities that will be happening on May 25th. More information will be available as we approach the event. These events are also part of the 2013 UBC Alumni Weekend. Pleae contact the Communications Coordinator (communications@phas.ubc.ca) if you have any questions.

Public Lectures

Lab Tours & Activities

Lab tours are offered at specific times on a first-come-first-served basis.

Getting Here

Alumni Weekend offers complimentary parking in North Parkade for pre-registered participants. Register on the UBC Alumni Weekend website

Buses #25, #33, #41, #49, #84 and #99 among the other buses that will arrive at UBC.  For more routes to UBC, contact Translink at 604.953.3333 or at www.translink.bc.ca

Download a pdf copy of the UBC map, or use the UBC Wayfinder website to locate the Hennings Building, the North Parkade and the Bus Loop

Event Posters

Download the event posters here: Large format (10MB) .pdf; Small format (520KB) .pdf; Image (279 KB) .jpg

Image credits: 

  • Top right corner: ATLAS Experiment © 2013 CERN
  • Middle left: SCUBA-2 image, Photo Credit: Joint Astronomy Centre, University of British Columbia and NASA/HST/STScI
  • Middle, second from the right: the Hubble Space Telescope, NASA under Creative Commons
  • Middle right: TRIUMF 
  • Bottom right: Credit to NSERC and the Superconductivity (Bonn-Hardy) and Quanutm Materials (Damascelli-Sawatzky) Lab at UBC