PHYS 505 Nuclear Physics

Instructors: John Behr, TRIUMF Research Scientist, adjunct prof., UBC PHAS; Barry Davids, TRIUMF Senior Scientist, adjunct prof. SFU


Nucleons and their structure, hadrons and isospin, two-nucleon systems, the NN interaction;
bulk properties of nuclei, nuclear excitations and radioactivity, nuclear models;
strong and electromagnetic decay, symmetries and weak interaction;
nuclear reactions, nuclear astrophysics.


PHYS 500 QM I or equivalent


Samuel S.M. Wong, Introductory Nuclear Physics, 2nd ed. Wiley (.pdf available at publisher with UBC library privileges)

Lectures Jan-April 2021

Wed Fri 9:30-11:00

First lecture Jan 13. Complete material on Canvas. Email instructors for access

Behr's lecture notes:

Nucleon Structure Hadrons Isospin

NN Interaction

Isospin in Nuclei

Light nuclei and permutation symmetry: Space Spin Isospin

Weak Interactions and Nuclei

Behr's problems and solutions::

HW2 nucleon magnetic moment

HW4 isospin examples

HW7 Detailed permutation symmetry and m scheme

HW9 Handwavy beta decay correlations

Midterm5 Magnetic moment of Delta 0

Final6 E1's are isovector sketch