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Physics 200: Relativity and Quanta

Note: links will become active after each tutorial

Tutorial DateTopicWorksheet
September 8thReference Frames and Galilean Relativitytutorial 1   solutions
September 15thTime Dilation and Length Contractiontutorial 2   solutions
September 22ndThe Lorentz transformationtutorial 3   solutions
September 29thSpacetime Diagramstutorial 4   solutions
October 6thEnergy and Momentumtutorial 5  solutions
October 13thLight!tutorial 6  solutions
October 20thLight, energy, and momentum part IItutorial 7  solutions
October 27thPhotons and the Photoelectric Effecttutorial 8  solutions
November 3rdPhotons and Polarizerstutorial 9  solutions
November 10thComplex numbers and wavestutorial 10  solutions
November 17thWave Packets and Uncertaintytutorial 11  solutions
November 24thBound Statestutorial 12  solutions
December 1st Tunnelingtutorial 13  solutions