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Physics 510
Stochastic Processes in Physics
Birger Bergersen

Master Equation.
System size expansion.
Fokker-Planck equation.
Brownian particles.
Several variables, SIR-model.
Branching processes by Timothy Duty.
Absorbing boundaries.
Transformations, Blow torches.
Langevin approach.
Molecular motors by Rolf Luchsinger.
Lévy-stable distributions .
Quantum vs. classical magnets by Geordie Rose.
Pareto tail. Continuous time random walk.
Return time distribution. Continuous time random walk (continued).
Random walk in fractal time. Self-avoiding random walk .
1/f-noise by Alexandre Zagoskin.
Collective decision making in ant foraging. Suresh Pillai.
Flory theory.Edwards model..
Rescaled range analysis. Fractal Brownian motion.
Field theory methods I by Timothy Duty.
Field theory methods II by Timothy Duty.
Laser cooling by Jens Schmid.
Modelling intentionality: the gambler by Rik Blok.
The basics of derivative pricing in discrete time by Ernest Ho.
Stochastic Dynamics in Game Theory by Margarita Ifti.
Problem set 1
Problem set 2

Tutorial: 1. Boltzmann statistics


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Birger Bergersen