Physics 319:    2022

Instructor: Dr. Andrzej Kotlicki

Office: Hennings 260

Email:  kotlicki (at)

Lecture times: Th. 11:30:   on line until February 7, 2022, Hebb 116 after

Labs: T, W, Th 2-6 PM:   on line until February 7, 2022, Hebb 416 after.


TA's :  

Adam Darcie adam.darcie(at) Tuesday
Bereket Guta bguta(at) Tuesday
Elektra Dakogiannis elektra.dakogiannis(at) Thursday
Luke Reynolds lureyn(at) Thursday, lecture piazza
Yukiya Saito ysaito(at) Wednesday


Technician:   Sing Chow
                                Office Hebb 412

                                e-mail: scho(at);
                                phone 604 822 2588


Lab Manual

Inventory of parts available for projects

Your kit at home

Slides from: Lecture1, Lecture 2, Lecture 3, Lecture 4, Lecture 5, Lecture 6, Lecture 7, Lecture 8, Lecture 9, Lecture 10

Multiplexed 4 digit 7 segment display components:

7 segment decoder DM9368

2 to 4 multiplexer 74HC139

PHYS 319 MSP430 LaunchPad Software installation guide

Blood Sensor for project files


Temperature Demo Files C and Python

Description of the formal report

I2C example

I2C transmit receive example

Past Projects

MSP 430 Manuals:

Microprocessor family slau144j MSP430x2xx


LaunchPad Experimenter board user guide (slau318)

LunchPad Experimenter board user guide NEW (slau772)

MSP430G2553 Data sheet (slas735)    

Pin Oscillator for capacitive measurements

Reference Text: Introduction to Embedded Systems Using Microcontrollers and the MSP430

Reference: Binary Format of MSP 430 Assembler Commands and their Storage in Memory

Texas Instruments guide to capacitive touch measurements

MSP430 with numerical and graphic display web link

Introduction to I2C

I2C info from Texas Instruments


C/C++ resources

C operators

C library

C++ reference library


Decimal, Hexadecimal and Binary Conversion Table



Python getting started guide

There are some slides from PHYS 409 tutorials on Python that are terrific here: PHYS 409

amplifier for the electret microphone


Datasheets of sensors and servos (the ones not listed can be found on line).


Parallax GPS


Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor IRA-E420S1n


Transmitter - Receiver


Alcohol gas Sensor MQ 3

HMC5883L example hmc5883l-msp430.c

Serial Duplex example

Serial Duplex (software UART) example

SPI example

Bandpass filter designer

Capacitive Touch Pin Oscillator Guide

MSP430F5529 Demo

MSP430F5529 setup guide

Optical Pulse Rate ideas, have a look here and maybe here

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