Past  projects 

Home alarms

Models of intersections: regular, pedestrian crossing, railway crossing

Thermometers, medical thermometers

Luminance meters with data logging, photographic light meters

Programmable car models,

Blood pressure meter

Pulse monitors

Soil conductance meter


Robotic arm

Model of an automatic flushing toilet

Stabilizer for the arc light

Magnetic position detector

Beat counter

Model of the lighthouse


Absolute magnetometer (direction independent)


Amateur telescope drive

Timing gates (for model races)

Chess clock

“Dancing” robot

Board tachometer

Doppler effect velocity meter

“Laser light show”

“Clapping controlled” light switch

Smoke detector

Talking clock

Voice encryptor

Sonar tape

Sonar assisted model cars


Movement mimicking robot

Lie detector

Light source locator

Sound source locator

Bike Computer

Automatic curtain controller

Hall effect compass


Music keyboard

Diving computer

Hight Meter
Sun tracker
Driven Chaotic pendulum
Sweeping Stroboscope

Six Legged Walking Robot

FFT Audio Analyzer

   Sun tracker (no moving parts)

Universal IR remote control

Car learning its way to target  (light directed)

Chess clock

Digital scope

Battery charger

Sweeping sonar


Diving computer

Telescopic star pointer

Light flashing garage opener

Color sensor

Laser Harp (Laser, 13 photodiodes)

Roulette wheel (66 LEDs 4 counters, 10 binary to 8 converters)

GPS dog

Mapping robot

Battleship game

Record and play back a tone

Magnetic gun


2020 Projects

Counting people in the room with infrared sensors

Skateboard stopping device

Rain predictor

Instrument tuner by Kara Dean

Automatic Sail Trimming For Wind Direction   by Kara Dean


Music Keyboard

Guitar Tuner

RFID card reader

Morse code transmitter - receiver by laser

Self-learning car

Alarm clock

Alarm Clock with music and LCD strip

Runaway alarm clock

Music mood light

Avoiding obstacles for blind

Remote partly mechanical light switch

Nixie tube clock

GPS tracking

IR thermometer

Electronic Guqin

Camera Stabilizer:

PID control for Segway

 Weather station

3 axis robot arm  by Nicholas di Lello

Gesture controlled calculator with light strip readout  by Cassidy Donaldson

Digital inclinometer

Alarm Clock with music

Anchor lowering machine

Soil temperature and humidity sensor

Violin tuner

Robotic Arm by Aiden Smith

Car following black line

Pulse rate monitor

Internet connected personal fall detector

2 output metronome

Bike computer

Automatic string tuner by Paul Froese

Optical density meter for E. coli cultures

Blue tooth speaker

Moving cursor on screen with rotary sensors

Morse code decoder with display