Women in Physics Canada  
2nd Annual conference

Contact Information and Conference Organizers

Contact information:

  • For all questions regarding the conference please contact us by email at WIPC2012.
  • To share conference information with other participants and to get conference updates you can Find

Local Organizers:

  • Marjorie Gonzalez (UBC Physics grad student)
  • Gabriele Hodgson (UBC Physics undergrad student)
  • Natasha Holmes (UBC Physics grad student)
  • Kendall Mahn (TRIUMF postdoc)
  • Chloé Malbrunot (former UBC Physics grad student, now postdoc at CERN)
  • Andrea Marshall (UBC Electrial Engineering undergrad student)
  • Janis McKenna (UBC Physics faculty)
  • Trisha Roberson (UBC Physics undergrad student)
  • Tanya Roussy (UBC Engineering Physics undergrad student)

Special Thanks:

  • Lara Thompson (Postdoc, MIT): logo design
  • Jennifer West (PhD student, Univ. of Manitoba): poster design
  • Mary Ann Potts (UBC IT staff)

Thanks to the following for prizes/swag for the opening evening BBQ: