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Recent invited talks:

  • Jan 2006: Opening Plenary Talk: Noosa conference (Australia) on "Frontiers in Quantum Nanoscience"
  • Dec 2005: Invited Plenary Talk: Closing conference of United Nations "World year of Physics, 2005" conference series, Recife, Brazil: "A random Walk through Condensed Matter Physics"
  • March 2005: Invited Symposium Talk, APS meeting, LA, "Decoherence in Quantum Spin systems"
  • Nov. 2004: Invited talk - American Philosophy of Science meeting (Austin, TX); PDF file
  • Sept. 2003: Invited Plenary Talk, 30th Anniversary meeting, Fondation L. de Broglie (Peyresq, France), on 'Themes recents en Mecanique Quantique'.

    A (partially complete) list of all other invited talks is posted here. Below appears a list of symposia and plenary talks:

    • June 1986: University of Helsinki -- "ROTA 2" Conference - "Wire dissipation in superfluid 3He-B"
    • August 1990: University of Sussex -- "Macroscopic Quantum Conference in Magnets" Conference
    • May 1992: University of Barcelona -- "Macroscopic Coherence in Magnets" --"Coherence, Decoherence, and dissipation in magnets" Conference
    • June 1992: University of British Columbia -- "Philosophy and the Arrows of Time" Conference, --"Time Reversal, Measurement, and Quantum computers"
    • August 1993: LT20 Conference (Eugene, Oregon) "Tunneling, Dissipation, & Decoherence in Magnets"
    • June 1994: NATO Conference "QTM-94 " (Chichilienne, France), "Unconventional Environments".
    • March 1995: APS Meeting (San Jose), "Theory of Domain Wall Tunneling, Dissipation, and Decoherence in Ferromagnets".
    • May 1996: International Francophone conference, on "des éléctrons, des interfaces, et des polyméres" (Montréal, Canada) - "Théorie de l"effet tunnel macroscopique"
    • July 1996: Series of 6 lectures given were part of the celebration of the opening of the new Yukawa Institute in Kyoto, Japan (other lecturers are T.M. Rice (ETH), P. Wolfle (Karlsruhe) S.C. Zhang (Stanford) M. Sigrist (MIT), A. Millis (Bell)). I was originally offered the "Yukawa visiting professorship", but had to turn it down since it involved a minimum stay of 3-4 months.
    • April 1997: Symposium on "tunneling in Complex Systems" (INT, Seattle).
    • June 1997: CAP Invited Lecture (Calgary); Macroscopic Quantum Phenomena in Magnets."
    • January 1998: Max Planck Institute Symposium (Col de Porte); "Quantum Relaxation in Magnets".
    • April 1998: "The PISCES model, and models of the spin bath" (conference on "spin-boson models in physics and chemistry", Freiburg, Germany.
    • June 1998: "Tunneling and Decoherence in Nanomagnets" (Quantum Fluids and Solids Conf.; Amherst, Mass.).
    • Oct. 1998: "Spin dynamics through domain walls" (OXSEN Conference, Oxford, England).
    • Nov. 1998: " EHRENFEST" colloquium (Leiden, Holland); "The 4 fundamental mechanisms of decoherence".
    • Nov. 1998: "COHEN-TANNOUDJI" Colloquium (Collège de France) "Cohèrence et les bains de spins".
    • Dec. 1998: "Landelijk symposium" (Utrecht, Holland); "The Quantum spin Glass".
    • Dec. 1998: ""Quantum Relaxation in Nanomagnets" Florence, Italy (ESF Conference on Molecular Magnetism).
    • June 1999: Sitges, Spain "Quantum Dynamics of Nanomagnets". (Sitges Conference 1999)
    • Dec 1999: Closing plenary talk, Dutch physical society "Decoherence and Quantum Computation" (Veldhoven)
    • Apr. 2000: Univ. of Twente, opening plenary talk "Mechanisms of Decoherence" (6th International conf on mesocopic superconductivity)
    • June 2000: Univ of Utrecht, opening plenary talk, "Mechanism of Decoherence" (conference on "Mechanisms of Decoherence")
    • Sep. 2000: Univ of Lancaster, "Decoherence and Quantum relaxation in magnets and superconductors" (conference on "fluctuations and Superconductivity")
    • Dec 2000: "Decoherence in Superconducting qubits" (Harrison Hot Springs meeting on superconductivity)
    • Mar 2001: "Dynamics of Quantum Dipoles " (APS invited symposium talk, March meeting, Seattle).
    • Apr 2001: plenary talk "Dynamics of Quantum Dipoles" (annual meeting of Statistical physics section, Dutch physical society).
    • May 2001: plenary talk "Quantum spin phase" (annual meeting, Dutch physical society)
    • Nov 2001: plenary talk: "Mechanism of decoherence in solid-state qubits" 22nd Solvay conference (Delphi)
    • Nov 2002: plenary talk: "Quest for the solid state qubit- tuning decoherence" (Landelijk symposium, Utrecht)