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  1. "Spin, Charge, and Topology" workshop held in Banff, July 29-Aug 3, 2006. Principal organiser with SC Zhang, V Frolov, WG Unruh.

  2. "PITP summer school on Quantum Magnetism" held in Les Houches, June 5-26, 2006. Principal organiser with GA Sawatzky, Y Imry, B. Barbara.

  3. PITP/Supreme Court meeting on "Science and the Courts", April 6-7, 2006. Organiser with Chief Justice B. McClachlin and Justice Ian Binnie (Supreme Court of Canada)

  4. "Decoherence at the Crossroads" at UBC, Feb 20-22, 2006. Principal Organiser with A Steinberg (Toronto).

  5. "Frontiers in Quantum Nanoscience" in Noosa (Australia), Jan 22-26 (2006). Co-Organiser with G Milburn (Brisbane).

  6. "Group of Five" set of 5 PITP conferences & workshops, including the large "Showcase conference", held at UBC and in Alberta, May 2005. Principal organiser; other organisers were G Semenoff, GA Sawatzky, V Frolov, K Schleich, and J Heyl.

  7. "The Arrows of Time 2004" held at Stillwater, Minnesota, Dec 19-22, 2004. Co-organiser with AJ Leggett, WG Unruh, R Wald.

  8. "Quantum Technologies 2004" March 2004, Vancouver. Organized by myself and A. Zagoskin (d-wave systems). A 3-day workshop with 52 participants.

  9. "Spins, charges, lattices and topology in low D" Jan. 2004, Vancouver. Organized by myself with help from I. Affleck (UBC), G. Sawatzky (UBC() and S. C. Zhang (Stanford). A 2-day workshop with 38 participants.

  10. "Quantum Mechanics on the Large Scale" April 17-27, 2003, Peter Wall Institute at UBC. Organized by myself and S. Savitt (UBC). A 10-day workshop with 30 participants.

  11. "Quantum Mechanics on the Large Scale" April 12-17, 2003, Banff Center, Canada. Organized by myself with help from A.J. Leggett (Urbana), G. Swatzky (UBC), S. Popescu (Bristol), R. Gill (Utrecht) and T. Havel (MIT). A 5-day conference with 40 participants. Photos: medium size or original size.

  12. "Quantum materials" Nov. 2002, Harrison Lake CIAR meeting, BC Canada. Organized by myself and Doug Bonn (UBC). A 3-day meeting with 57 participants.

  13. "Quantum spin collective phenomena" Aug. 2002, Leiden, Holland. Organized by myself, S. C. Zhang (Stanford) and Fei Zhou (Utrecht). A 2-week workshop with 34 participants.

  14. "Mechanisms of decoherence" June 2000, Utrecht, Holland. Organized by myself and G. 't Hooft (Utrecht). A 6-day conference with 97 participants.

In addition to this, I organize a monthly colloquium series, the GREEN COLLEGE LECTURES on QUANTUM PHENOMENA, jointly with S. Savitt (for an uptodate program, follow this link).