Ultrafast Laser Development


In addition to our efforts on XUV frequency combs, we are continuing development of fiber-based ultrafast laser systems for additional spectroscopy applications including:


A femtosecond tunable mid-IR source synchronized to our XUV frequency comb

for probing unoccupied states in quantum materials studies (with Dr. Edmund Kelleher)



A femtosecond fiber laser system opimized for visible multi-photon microscopy

for early stage oral cancer detection (with Prof. Shou Tang)


Representative images acquired by the compact multiphoton imaging system with the femtosecond fiber laser as the light source. (a) Two-Photon Excited Fluorescence (TPEF) image of fluorescence beads; (b) TPEF image of the Yew leaf; (c) Second harmonic Generation (SHG) image of fish scale; (d) SHG image of mouse tail tendon. Scale bar is 20 µm


Next generation femtosecond XUV sources

with repetition rates of 2-10 MHz for time of flight studies to complement tr-APRES measurements


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