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David Jones
Dept. of Physics & Astronomy
University of British Columbia
6224 Agricultural Rd.
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6T 1Z1
V: +1-604-827-5830
F: +1-604-822-5324
E: djjones"at"


Welcome to David Jones' Lab @ UBC


Modern science relies more and more extensively on the utilization of technologically advanced forms of spectroscopy. In fields as diverse as medicine, biology, physics, chemistry, and material science, there is a constant effort to develop novel spectroscopic tools and techniques as they play a fundamental role in the generation of new intuition, concepts, and understandings. Specifically, spectroscopic investigations of materials enable the knowledge of (and ultimately the control over) microscopic, nanoscopic and quantum characteristics that in turn directly influence macroscopic physical properties. At the Ultrafast Spectroscopy Laboratory, we pursue development of new laser sources/technology, --some based in part on femtosecond frequency combs-- and then employ of them in innovative and new spectroscopic applications.



Ultracold Neutron Experiment

Pictured is a resonant doubling cavity used to generate >300 mW of UV light that is used in ultrasensitive (femto-Tesla) magnetometer for measuring the electron dipole moment of a neutron. Photo credit to Nick Altiere



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