Photoemission Spectroscopy of Quantum Materials


Working with Andrea Damascelli's group, we are employing our XUV frequency comb source and accompanying laser-based ultrafast sources for time-resolved, angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy (tr-ARPES) of condensed matter systems exhibiting correlated electron behavoir and other quantum effects. At present, the choices for high photon energy sources for lab-based studies of ARPES and tr-APRES are non-ideal: XUV lamps with their fixed photon energies or laser-based sources with low (< 6 eV) photon energies. To address a broader range of both materials and significantly larger set of physics questions, travel to synchrotrons and free electron lasers (with limited beam-time) has become a necessity.


Through development and optimization of our XUV frequency comb source ultrafast source we have fulfilled a hitherto missing lab-based tool enabling us  by enabling us us to study the time dynamics of electronic excitations of solids over a portion of momentum space larger than the first Brillouin zone. More specifically, the additional capability from the ultrafast time resolution will allow disentangling the elementary excitations responsible for strongly-correlated electron behavior using a source located within our laboratories.






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