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Spam I've received from predatory journals: I now receive about 10 invites to conferences a day, virtually all of which are predatory, as far as I can tell. I receive about an equal number of daily invites to publish articles in bullshit journals; also all predatory as far as I can tell. Most of these emails I delete in a nanosecond. Some catch my attention however, for being either particularly sinister, particularly hilarious, or both. I do not wish to spend any significant time on them, but in case it might be helpful to someone, here are some instances below:

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Some Of My Favorite YouTube Videos:

Bireli Lagrene Bireli Lagrene - Donna Lee john mclaughlin John Mclaughlin SHAKTI le danse du bonheur
John Coltrane Giant Steps John Coltrane - Giant Steps Beatles Across the Universe The Beatles - Across The Universe (images by Jaime de Anayelli)
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Web Photo Galleries of UBC and Vancouver

Japanese Memorial Garden at UBCJapanese Memorial Graden at UBC

The Nitobe Memorial Garden is supposed to be the most authentic Japanese garden outside Japan. It was designed by the Japanese landscape architect Kannosuke Mori.

Granville Island Public MarketGranville Island Public Market

The Granville Island Public Market is a hub of epicurean delight... any food that you can imagine seems to be there.


Dr. Plotkin, Master of Rock BalancingStanley Park

Stanley Park is adjacent to downtown Vancouver with over 1,000 acres of nature to explore. There's beaches, hiking trails, restaurants, tennis courts, amazing views, the Vancouver Aquarium, and an outdoor amphitheatre for summer concerts.



Art inspired by the Plotkin Research Group

Plotkin's Entropy Education in Chemistry

"Plotkin's Entropy" by Laurel Latto. According to the artist, this painting represents the loss of conformational entropy in the protein folding process.

This painting appears on the cover of the January 2011 issue of EDUCATION IN CHEMISTRY and also appears in the textbook "Chemistry 2e," by Julia Burdge, published by McGraw-Hill

See similar abstract paintings by clicking here.


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