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Syllabus Problems

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Physics 350 : Applications of Classical Mechanics

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Challenge Problems and Homework Assignments

Previews and solutions of problems you solve in tutorial or class will be posted here.

Homework assignments are typically due one week after being assigned.
On average there will be about one assignment every two weeks.

Late Policy: Assignments can either be dropped off in class on the day they are due,
                     or in the box outside Hennings 330A until 5PM on the day they are due.
                     Late assignments not normally accepted.

Challenge 1
Solve: January 14, 2019
Challenge 1
Assignment 1 Due: February 1, 2019

Challenge 2
Solve: January 28, 2019
In Notes
Challenge 3
Solve: February 4, 2019
In Notes
Assignment 2 (Part 1)
Before: February 20, 2019

Problem Worksheet A
Due: February 25, 2019

Challenge 8
Solve: March 25, 2019
In Notes
Challenge 9
Solve: April 1, 2019
In Notes
Problem Worksheet B
(Optional Review)
Due: April 15, 2019

Syllabus Problems