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Physics 200: Relativity and Quanta

Fall 2015

Welcome to Physics 200!

The first lecture will be on Wednesday, September 9th at 9am in Hennings 200.
There will be a tutorial every Thursday, including the first week of classes (on Thursday, September 10th).

For current students: Once the semester starts, I recommend you use Connect instead of this webpage to get access to your grades, the discussion boards and reminders. The webpage you are currently viewing can be used during Connect outages and if you are having trouble downloading files. It contains basically all the relevant information and is kept up-to-date. However, you might miss some course announcements if you don't log into Connect regularly. If you are not logged into Connect, you will need to provide your CWL login information to download files (problem sets, tutorials, pencasts, etc...) from this website.

For visitors: Many links to content on this page are available only to current students and require log-in.

Here is some preliminary information for Physics 200, Fall 2015: