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Event Categories

This page provides summaries of various departmental colloquia and seminar series. Visit the Events Calendar (https://phas.ubc.ca/events) page for the department's monthly event calendar. To receive email reminders for upcoming colloquia and seminars, subscribe to our talks and events email list (https://lists.ubc.ca/scripts/wa.exe?SUBED1=PHAS-EVENTS).

List of Colloquia / Seminar Series

Other Seminars of Interest on or near Campus

Colloquia / Seminar Series


Departmental Colloquia: Colloquia are normally held in Hennings 201 at 4:00 on Thursdays; coffee and cookies will be served at 3:45 in the Hennings main lobby, in front of Hennings 200

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Astronomy Colloquium Series: Speakers engaged in exciting research in Astronomy & Astrophysics are invited to discuss their results with the astronomy group. Everyone is welcome to attend these talks. Normal day/time: Mondays, at 4:00pm in Hennings 318. Coffee and cookies are served at 3:45pm.

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Theory Seminars: These seminars,are presented by the UBC Theory group and the Pacific Institute for Theoretical Physics. Content includes current topics in theoretical physics. Coffee and cookies are served. Normal day/time is Monday at noon in Hennings 318.

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Quantum Information Seminars: These seminars are currently presented by Dr. Robert Raussendorf (https://phas.ubc.ca/users/robert-raussendorf) and include current topics in quantum computational research. Though these talks are typically on front line research and as such the technical level may be high, all are welcomed to attend.

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Gravity Seminars: The Gravity Group offers seminars by researchers (both local and visiting) discussing current current advances in General Relativity, Quantum Gravity, Relativistic Astrophysics and related areas. Normal time and place is Thursday at noon in Hennings 318.,

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Condensed Matter Seminars: The Condensed Matter Group invites researchers (both local and visiting) to discuss current advances in the field. Normal day is Thursday at 2:00pm in Hennings 318.

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Atomic, Molecular & Optical Physics (AMO) Seminars: The AMO Group hosts a discussion forum on current research. Normal day is Thursday at 5:30pm in Chemistry Building room C124.

Upcoming Talks (https://phas.ubc.ca/events_amo_upcoming)


The Physics & Astronomy Education  group is interested in how people learn the subjects of Physics & Astronomy, & best learning methodologies. Also, they want to objectively quantify these methods. Regular meeting days are Thursdays from 1 - 3 pm in Hennings 334.

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Graduate Students Seminars: This seminar series is run by and tailored for graduate students within the department.,

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Graduate Thesis Presentations: Thesis presentations by graduate students within the department.

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Pacific Institute of Theoretical Physics Lectures on Quantum Phenomena: These PITP public lectures are intended for a broad audience (including the general public), from inside and outside the university. While the seminars concentrate on questions associated in some way with quantum phenomena, ideas on various foundational problems in physics and the philosophy of science are also covered. Past lecturers include physicists, philosophers, and historians, and in the future we envisage other lecturers from outside science.

Visit the PITP Lectures Website (http://pitp.physics.ubc.ca/quant_lect/upcoming.html) for the schedule of  upcoming talks, and an archive of past talks.



TRIUMF Talks: TRIUMF offers a wide variety of seminars given both by world-class scientists who are visiting the laboratory and by those who work at TRIUMF. The general TRIUMF Seminars are meant to be accessible to all physics graduate students.

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IsoSIM CREATE Seminars:  The IsoSiM CREATE program provides enriched training experiences in the production, preparation, and application of nuclear isotopes for science and medicine in world-class collaborative research environments.

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Other Talks/Events: Other talks are presentations or events that do not fit into any other classification.

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